There is no power but God that can act!

You are that body (of the Mother) on earth and your physical bodies and the emotional bodies are the feminine aspects of your vehicles, whereas your etheric and mental bodies are the masculine aspects….

There is a bombardment at every level of consciousness of the four lower bodies of mankind.  This has reached an all-time high and so much so that the Lords of Karma can no longer withhold the warning and (thus) give forth the danger-signal to the children of the light….

There is a penetration of your physical bodies of disease, germs and viruses that have not yet even been discovered by medical science.  And these are filtering through the astral plane and through the astral body, and they are also a part of the germ warfare practiced by those in physical embodiment as well as by those on the astral plane.

And then there is the projection against the brain, the physical brain, to cause damage, to cause a lessening of resistance to darkness.  There is then the attack on both fronts.  The chronic disorders are a sign of a disintegration spiral this is gripping the planet, almost as an astral octopus gripping the earth and vampirizing the planetary body of the life essence.  Then there is the pounding of the being by the fallen ones in an aggressive manifestation to penetrate the four lower bodies with all forms of disease.

I tell you then that to maintain the platform for evolution you must seal yourself in the protection of Archangel Michael.  You must actually make invocations for the protection of your chakras both at the etheric and the physical plane, the nerve centers–especially for the heart–and then naming the various organs that are key to the functioning of your physical body.  You must call for a helmet of light for the protection of your minds, for I tell you truly that many of the children of the light who have had the teaching and the understanding of the ascended masters–those who have attended our classes and studied our dictations–have entered into spirals of neglect through ignorance, through a loss of memory.

And this utter loss of the memory of the Masters, of our voice, of our teaching, of our pleading, of the healings that have been bestowed–this loss of memory is a penetration of astral microbes between the memory body and the mental body, a division of the alpha spiral, a split in consciousness.  The fallen ones know that to destroy the memory is to destroy the identity….

It is time to make use of what you have been given, it is time to realize that you are being bombarded, that this is Armageddon, that your four lower bodies are subject to very harmful conditions, that you can seal and heal your four lower bodies by a saturation of the violet flame and by the calls to Archangel Michael for the absolute God-protection and perfection of the four lower bodies, the soul, the chakras and the Christ flame within the heart and especially the protection of the crown and the third eye and the raising of the feminine ray….

There is no power but God that can act!  There is no power but God that can act!  There is  no power but God that can act–when you invoke it!  The only reason I am here is to tell you that you are not invoking it enough, specifically for your four lower bodies and their protection.  I am not telling you that there is any force or power or principality or any identity of the fallen ones that can so much as encroach upon a hair of your head if you invoke the light.  This is the Law and the action of the Law.        -Nada:  12-10-1975 via Messenger ECP


IMG_0184 IMG_0084

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