As in the Opium Wars when Britain decided to try to wreck the Chinese

As in the Opium Wars when Britain decided to try to wreck the Chinese government/land/people/culture through a combination of illicit opium smuggling, war, machinations and Western armaments–all in the name of “free trade” for the British Empire and “refusal to kowtow”–meaning that the “heathen” would be tread underfoot at whatever cost, so today in the name of “free trade” the multinational corporations and their allies mean to take over whatever part of the world they can–through TPP, TTIP and related globalist designs.

The leader of the British smugglers operating from their Hong Kong base in the 1830s and thereafter was William Jardine.  Now we give a document from wikipedia to illustrate the times–the following was in fact the strategy adopted by the British government in the first Opium War against China:

–a letter from William Jardine to James Matheson dated December 19, 1839 is almost exactly the same as the Jardine Paper:

“My advice is to send a naval force to blockade the coast of China from the Tartar wall to Tienpack or from 40 to 20 degrees north; the force to consist of two ships of the line, two frigates and two flat-bottomed steamers for river service, with a sufficient number of transports to carry…six or seven thousand men. The force to proceed to the vicinity of Pekin, and apply directly to the Emperor for an apology for the insult…payment for the opium given up, an equitable commercial treaty, and liberty to trade with northern ports…say, Amoy, Foochow, Ningpo, Shanghai and also Kiaochow, if we can get it.
“The two first demands would readily be granted, but the third and fourth may be refused, and then we must proceed to take possession of three or four islands, say Formosa, Quemoy, and Amoy (or at least two…and intercept the trade from Formosa). We should also take the great Chusan island, which being near Peking would be source of great annoyance to the Emperor. Having these islands in our possession, the Chinese would most likely grant all our demands on condition of our giving them up. I observe you are for Formosa, but it is too large, unless the inhabitants are well disposed towards us, How this advice will be received we know not as we have not yet sent it to Lord Palmerston..”
William Ewart Gladstone denounced the (First Opium) war as “unjust and iniquitous” and criticised Lord Palmerston’s willingness “to protect an infamous contraband traffic.”[29]
The student who would prepare his consciousness to receive God must be prepared to let go of the changing outer consciousness with its warped sense of values.  He must be prepared to reeducate the self, to nullify the bad effects of unwanted environment and to master the reins of his consciousness; then he will no longer be pulled into dank fields of human misery by those snorting beasts (forms of mismanaged and misapplied energy) that roam the astral belt seeking whom they may devour….The argumentations of the intellect are a complete waste of divine energy in the world of form.    -Great Divine Director:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:46
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