one single devotee, one single chela unswerving that becomes the point of our entrance

The greatest joy of the Mother is this realization that the one who is Christ becomes another who shall light the world….I, Mary, say this so that you may understand that Jesus, Saint Germain, El Morya and the sons of heaven con only be the light of the world so long as they are in the world physically.  Therefore there must be a physical oneness of yourself with the saints of heaven.  And they must stand where you stand….This congruency and oneness is that lawful state of Hierarchy stretched out across a cosmos and then condensed and compressed into one fiery diamond heart, one single devotee, one single chela unswerving that becomes the point of our entrance.       -Archeia Mary:  4-1-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles    IMG_0176 –Prayer and Meditation, 1978


We have the illusion that the physical earth is real, but the real earth is the etheric earth (in its pristine etheric design).  When you have the wavelength or vibration of the etheric plane you become effective in the three lower octaves (mental, emotional, physical).  Chelaship doesn’t really begin until you have a portion of your being in the etheric plane; therefore living in the etheric plane and moving in the world you have the grace of the Guru.   And the grace of the Guru is that quality of life that no longer entertains struggle. At any time that you lose that sense of oneness you have to go after it and get it back:  it is priceless.         -Messenger E C Prophet:  Community, 2002, p. 66

padmasambhava IMG_9158

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