Hillary Clinton and the TPP/multinational corporations payments to her and her husband

4-24-15  However, as Secretary of State, she was part of the negotiating team for the TPP deal, calling it the “gold standard” of trade agreements. In a statement she gave in the summer of 2012, she said the agreement would “benefit” the United States….

While Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, her husband continued his lucrative corporate speaking tour, receiving millions of dollars from both foreign and domestic corporations.  Many of these corporations were themselves enthusiastic supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. We have listed them below:

·      COPARMEX: COPARMEX is the Mexican Employers’ Association, representing 36,000 different companies in Mexico. In October 2009, it gave a $235,000 honorarium to Bill Clinton. It has in Mexico been a voice for promoting the TPP.

·      The Mexico Business Summit: Clinton spoke at the Mexico Cumbre De Negocios Business Summit in October 2010, getting two payments totaling $400,000. The summit brings together a who’s who of Mexican business elite every year; it has used past conferences to put on panels and presentations in support of the TPP.

·      The Mexican Banking Association (MBA): In April 2010, the MBA hosted Bill Clinton for $340,000. One of the MBA’s banker center chiefs is Manuel Zuzueta Villavicencio, who is a director at HSBC in Mexico. HSBC, which famously was treated with kid gloves after being caught laundering drug money for Mexican cartels, has put outreports boosting the TPP and other trade agreements as beneficial for the economy.

·      Yum! Restaurants International: Yum gave $160,000 to Bill Clinton in a May 2011 speaking arrangement. Its executive Ann Grapin has been given access to the TPP even while ordinary Americans and others around the world have been denied access to the text.

·      The Ontario Chamber Of Commerce (OCC): In November of 2011, Clinton gave a speech at the OCC that netted Clinton $175,000. The very same month, the OCC put out a statement supporting the Canadian government’s move to join the TPP.

·       Oracle Corporation (In Mexico): For a speech to Oracle Corporation in Mexico, Clinton nabbed $200,000 in October 2012. Oracle has joined many other corporations in lobbying in favor of TPP.

Altogether, these payments total $1,510,000. These are only the foreign corporations that supported TPP and gave to the Clintons – it is important to highlight their wealth transfers to the Clintons because they are prohibited from donating directly to American political campaigns (absent the ones who have branches in the United States). There is, however, no prohibition on them giving personal financial benefits to American ex-presidents.

A whole host of American corporations also have feted the Clintons since they left the White House in 2000, particularly those on Wall Street, giving them over $100 million in wealth generated entirely from paid speaking      http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/while-hillary-was-secretary-state-foreign-corporations-favor-tpp-paid-bill-over


Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978


Foreign Governments Pay Former Senate Leaders to Sell TPP

6-11-15   For much of their direct lobbying Japan relies on Akin, Gump, Strauss Hauer & Feld, whom they paid $388,000 during the most recent six-month reporting period. In that time the firm’s lobbyists contacted Congressional offices at least sixty times and engaged in at least eight exchanges with the United States Trade Representative’s office specifically focused on the TPP, TPA, and related issues. Seventeen of those contacts were with one particular staffer, Kaitlin Sighinolfi, a trade policy advisor for Republican Louisiana Congressman Charles Boustany.

lott trent Bipartisan Agreement: Foreign Governments Pay Former Senate Leaders to Sell TPPMr. Boustany’s office did not respond to a request for comment on these contacts, but they are likely related to the desire of Louisiana farmers to lower tariff barriers, enabling them to export more of goods to Japan.

Japan’s team also includes Hogan Lovells, which was paid $216,895.29 during the last six-month reporting period. The firm’s FARA filing states that the law firm “advises and represents the foreign principal [Japan] on general diplomatic representation, laws, regulations, policies, proposed congressional measures, treaties and other international agreements, and actions by the U.S. Congress, Executive Branch, U.S. Government agencies and certain state and local governments.”

Prior to recruiting Mr. Daschle, the highest profile lobbyist on Japan’s team was Tony Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta. His firm, The Podesta Group, receives $15,000 per month to counsel Japan on U.S. policy.

Another TPP country, Vietnam, received more hands-on service from the Podesta Group—paying them $180,000 during the same six-month period. On Vietnam’s behalf, the firm made contact with government officials at least 90 times. They also engaged with media outlets ranging from The New York Times to the Food Network on behalf of Japan.

Working at the behest of foreign governments is a lucrative practice area for the Podesta Group which billed a total of $2,096,666.05 to more than nine overseas governments, including Azerbaijan, India, Iraq, Korea, Somalia, and Hong Kong during the last six month of 2014.

Bipartisan Agreement: Foreign Governments Pay Former Senate Leaders to Sell TPP

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