the cosmos rejoices and sends back its joy in the face of injustice–

I send a light and a flow of the River of Life of my own being, and I mark a new era and a cycle of victory.  For the hour is come and the cosmos rejoices and sends back its joy in the face of injustice–joy in the presence of all who mourn for their out-of-the way consciousness….cycles turn because you take a strong hand and thrust the prayer wheel and give the decree and establish that momentum in the face of those who surely come by many names.  They come but they also go.  They represent the antithesis of the yin and the yang as they pass through the sine waves and then are spent….Beware how they come to poison and turn aside.

Beware, O children of the Sun.  For I AM that Law that does deliver thee.  And the means of deliverance which you have seen as the clipper ship is truly my causal body.  It is my Eden of light forged/won/created to contain all of you in the mystery school.  So it is beautiful to contemplate this area of the nation, yet we must be in the mountain for the lowering of the causal body that is the key to the golden age.  And then we must blend the golden spheres of our causal bodies jointly held.  For this is the meaning of the Guru-chela relationship!…

This is my service to life, this is my coming to Earth:  for the neutralization of those momentums that plague the planet from various forcefields in the matter universe where negative momentums have been set up by the fallen ones or where the remains of ancient cataclysms and betrayal and darkness have stained and spotted those planetary or celestial bodies….

(I seal Keepers of the Flame in a sphere of gold surrounding now the four lower bodies–this) is to be filled in by your drawing forth from the Above to the below in the mighty figure-eight-flow between us that Cosmic Christ illumination which is of my causal body.  I suggest that you draw it forth little by little and then see and contemplate what is the opposition that is raised to that light.  Thus temper and take a bit at a time and be willing to hold fast with that bit of light until you have met every enemy that will lust after that light, that will assail it, that will desire to destroy it, et cetera.  Little by little build the kingdom of God until you with me, our causal bodies one, become the mutual and joint key to this golden age.      -Maitreya:  3-24-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles  4177c-ebb098eab080ec82acec9ca0ec83812-Maitreya, from Korea


…the fallen ones move on as they accrue power to themselves at the expense of the little people and then abuse the nations’ resources.  And blessed hearts, thy accrue that power that they might destroy any individual or group who should challenge their “right and their authority” to run the Earth under a planetary dictatorship of the power elite.  Mind my words, beloved.  Be keen and alert and do not fail to pray.        -Gautama Buddha:  7-3-1993 at RTR, Montana


Blessed hearts, whenever you impose upon yourself a discipline of love for a higher manifestation of that same love, know that I AM there reinforcing your will!        -Serapis Bey:  Pearls of Wisdom 25:60           Elohim-Cyclopea-all-seeing-eye        image015

all-seeing Eye by Sindelar; ascension coil

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