the courage to live victoriously

The unreal self is the miscreation of the mind that is not tethered to the Christ mind but has lost the way of gnosis, of self-knowledge.  That soul therefore has not created in consonance with the laws of God and therefore has created karma.     -Messenger ECP:   Fallen Angeles Among Us, 2010, p. 229


Now expand the cup of consciousness to contain the archangel of your ray.  If you serve the will of God then on the blue ray, the first ray of the morning light, you define the azure of His Holiness.  The one who stands before the altar of the Lord–the Adoring and the Adored–releases into the consciousness of the archangel of the first ray in sacred ritual a sapphire of the will of God, a disc of flaming blue, a core of sapphire yod.  Into his heart the archangel absorbs an atom of energy, a globule of light.  And rising from the altar of the Lord he goes forth into the cosmos to release the cycles of God’s faith–the will to be, the courage to live victoriously, the honor of the Law of Life itself and the energy to sustain a cosmic pulse.       -Morya:  Chela and the Path, #12, 1975-6


IMG_0177-from Prayer and Meditation, 1978

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