the fourth dimensional pattern of both form and soul

II, v, 6. The touch of the ray of the Brotherhood increases the sagacity of perceptions.     –Leaves of Morya’s Garden 1925

127. All who realize consciously the community move forward….Thus against the community will speak only he who has begun to move backwards, entering into the formation of cosmic refuse.     -M: Community 1926

481. Obsession of course provides a succession of manifestations, but the lower spheres must not be made manifest for they are dreadfully contagious.       -M: Heart 1932

511. Courage does not come by order. It grows from within, giving the sensation of being the core of the spiral. If courage once takes root, nothing can eradicate it.     M: Fiery World 1933

266. The so-called feeling of emptiness is really a sensing of chaos. In itself chaos is not emptiness at all, but it is so far removed from the human consciousness that its approach already constitutes a loss of the guiding principle. Such a deadly principle is sensed as emptiness, and in it is contained no small danger; equilibrium is disturbed, and suicides and various kinds of insanity occur. Not emptiness nor chaos but mean thinking causes the stupid poisoning of the atmosphere. Besides, such thinkers infect their surroundings and thus strike at their neighbors. Truly man can become social only on a certain level of thinking.                                292. Fear is cessation of creative energy; fear is ossification and submission to darkness. Whereas turning to the higher world must evoke ecstasy and expansion of one’s forces for the expression of the beautiful. Such qualities are born not of fear but through love. Therefore higher religion teaches not fear but love. Only by such a path can people become attached to the higher world. The chains of fear are peculiar to slavery; but the creation of beauty is not slavery but is reverence with love.     –M: Fiery World 1934

5.  People should not talk and complain that nothing is accessible to them; on the contrary throughout earthly life they can already sense the great energies.      -M: Aum 1936

55.  Joy is greater than health and success; it can also exist amidst sickness and humiliation.                    79. One must have a store of prana to withstand the attack of the poisonous substance.  Contact with Darkness is like touching a decomposing corpse.

144.  With few exceptions our healing remains unnoticed.….Most people will not accept that it is possible to transmit vibrations to a distance, and even the knowledge of radiowaves does not convince them that parallels exist in other fields. . .    -M: Supermundane 1, 1938  

 I am come then this dawn of the new year/ To join the holy energies Gautama has released  And assert the dominance of cosmic peace/ That shall never cease                                        Until the last man, woman and child is free/ To be the exact replica of the divine decree      That forges in the field of time/ Some measure of God’s joy sublime

That shines the midnight hour/ And takes from evil all its power                                           Until the light of truth proves well/ The hordes of evil to repel                                                 To break the long outwoven spell/ That blinded man and beast alike                                          And chained all elemental life!…

Long before form was realized the mind and intelligence of God conceived the entire whole–the fourth dimensional pattern of both form and soul–and the pattern has scarcely begun to externalize here upon Earth. As we send forth continuously the sunseeds of eternal promise we want all mankind who are able to assimilate our message in part—

To realize that in the heart of Being/ There is an inward power of seeing/                                              Whose virtue must be amplified until/ Godlike eyes and vision appear within men’s will/                            & the breaches & schisms of past ages are healed/ By the appearance of the patterns Immortal God sealed./

Then the mystery of the white stone will be known/ And each man’s new name/                                          Will be seen in the virtue of his God-flame/ And substance unfolding shall fashion anew/                               A garment of light and beauty too/ And heaven’s measure of purity will be/                                                   A symbolized treasure of the good and the free! …                                                                                                         I AM your Mother of the eternal cycles   -Vesta: Pearls of Wisdom 8:2

Elohim-Cyclopea-all-seeing-eye     image015





In the name of the I AM THAT I AM I call to Master Morya and the Legions of Mercury, to Serapis Bey and the seraphim and cherubim for the modulation of the frequencies of the light from the Hierarchies of the Sun of Gemini to Cancer for the greater good.  All hail!

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