in the mystic circle of the lives you contact

Everyone whom you have ever served and to whom you have given energy is forever tied to you, and you are tied to all who have ever given energy to you.  For the bonds of love can never be broken and it is God’s will that in the mystic circle of the lives you contact you should spread the wonder of His love and grace.  If you give, you cannot fail to receive.         -Rose of Light:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:29


Therefore take heart and realize the meaning of that word.  Take the heart of your Mighty I AM Presence and Christ Self and of each of us so dedicated and become that magnificent heart of light!…

Therefore for the implementation of Buddhic love and Buddhic light, the universality of Christus, we of the ascended hosts converge at the altar of your heart.  And the fire burning there will increase if you will allow it, if you will not doubt it, if you will fear not to surrender unto the greater love of thy life.    -Rose of Light:  5-24-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles


-Thutmose III (~1567 B.C.), an embodiment of KuthumiIMG_6657IMG_5820                 Mary

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