You represent freedom on earth.

The grace of God is always given to the humble, therefore the razor’s edge must also be applied to false humility which robs men of the confidence they need to rightly play the game of life.

Godly balance is most effective in bringing into perspective the personal self.  Human tendencies to bring into focus the misfortunes of others while sweeping under the rug personal inadequacies do not provide the clarity of vision which will give to the advancing chela the attunement with us which he seeks….

We base our responses to the calls of mankind upon sincerity of heart, upon true devotion and service, and the karmic record of a lifestream is always considered….The favor of heaven is based upon the contents of heart and mind, upon holy intent and upon the synthesis of the foregoing with action and pure realization of the wholeness of the divine plan….

Self-deceit is so prevalent upon earth, precious ones, that we must make further efforts to dispel it….Because spiritual gifts and graces belong to the so-called invisible emanations of the Soul of God they are often not properly honored by men nor are they sought by them….

That we have not always extended to you the unguents and balm of comfort but have often sought to  correct and implement your journey out of human misconception is all to the good, I think, and has made of you men and women worthy of the title “son” and “daughter” of light.  You represent freedom on earth.       -Saint Germain:  Pearl 8:45


June 24 is feastday of John the Baptist     IMG_0753IMG_0647

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