Many suspect charlatanism in all of the various phenomena associated with the Spirit.

Self-imposed limitation bars man from effectively grasping cosmic principles and thus denies him access to the consciousness of the ascended masters.  From the beginning the power of the Universal Spirit has sought to convey higher grace to all men….We stand ready and willing to shatter the forcefield of human delusion and to create in the consciousness of practical men and women of today an awareness of the divine mysteries that will open the door to new possibilities for everyone.  Long have men mocked the progressive revelations of science.   Is it any wonder then that the science of the mind and of the Spirit should be lampooned by those who seem to derive personal satisfaction from imprisoning their cosmic-minded brothers and sisters in the earthbound molds which they first created around themselves? …

Many suspect charlatanism in all of the various phenomena associated with the Spirit.  Let us make clear that there are pretenders here, as in every field, but there are also those who are adept in the spiritual arts whose hearts are wholly dedicated to the unburdening of humanity.  One of the easiest ways by which indivduals can attain spiritual power is to believe that this power exists.        -Helios:  Pearl 13:29


And so I was chosen to father the Son of God [in his final incarnation] and in so doing to father the Piscean age, as I said, by long preparation beforehand.  All the players in that scene of the family and all whom we met and worked with, aye, John the Baptist and great adepts of the East and those with whom we were in contact [whose names are] not recorded–all those players to the scene including disciples and the multitudes descended knowing that they would act out the greatest pageant of all history.  And in acting it out I say to you, beloved, they were counseled and trained to play their role of individual Christhood and to play it to its fullest.

Thus, beloved, you are also counted in this mandala of lightbearers–the beauteous, wondrous pattern of souls coming together, each one having a precious jewel to contribute to the Piscean dispensation.  For reason of the dark powers that have been unchecked, that should have been checked and could have been checked had the powers and the forces of God been directed to that end, I tell you, the Piscean age [has been an age of darkness when it] could have been an age of great light, even a golden age….

I come to you to place my mantle and Presence of Saint Joseph over you so that you may go and do the work and be our hands and feet, our hearts and our chakras in the earth. Blessed ones, if you will spend your life and time and hours in this endeavor I assure you that to have my Presence over you will ultimately manifest in you as the regaining of your strength, your health, your youth.

Beloved, if I may work through you I will raise you up.  But you must give attention to me. Remember me as I walked by the child Jesus, as I walked with Mary and as I guided them until the hour of my transition.  Remember then how Jesus did go alone, joining the caravan to the East.  Yes, beloved, the Son of God was overshadowed by angels and by the hierarchy of the dispensation of the Piscean age and by myself when I was no longer in embodiment….

Yes, beloved, you live in an age when you can triumph and triumph ultimately.  And remember that you did not turn your back on Saint Germain and Portia, on Jesus Christ or Mary his Mother, but you decided to confront that force directly, come what may, and to trust God to be your mighty shield, your buckler, your defense and your armour.                      -Saint Joseph:  6-37-2993 at RTR, Montana


-Roger Bacon, by  Gordon Ross, 1941, in Great Scientists

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