we have seen how the quagmire of personality has bogged down the soul

Because humanity is prone to believe in something and to reject everything, the something which they believe in is often a decaying substance, a decaying realization….

Humanitarianism is not a substitute for God-realization.  The God-realized man is more readily able to pursue the pathway to service to humanity.  He who said “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven” knew whereof he spoke.  Again and again we have seen how the quagmire of personality has bogged down the soul.

Our urge is that you drink at the one fountain of reality, that you discount no possibilities but that you be a wary person capable of discernment…..We deplore the mystique of those who would falsely create the illusion, simply because it is possible to obtain divine graces, that they themselves are already overcomers of all things and masters of energy….we know how long the journey is….

We are sometimes weary of speaking, for in those who hear our speaking there is always a tendency to disobey, a tendency to fail to realize, a tendency toward impracticality….We wish to stir up, we wish to precipitate, we wish to define principle.  This is not an activity of a moment but an eternity of infinity; that people think it is lodged in a moment is perhaps a tragedy of human conception.       -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:41


While the vast cerebral network and cortex makes of the monad a miniature universe that seems to have autonomous control over his own world, the real source of love, wisdom and power is the God-Presence.  When universal energy is drawn by man and then qualified with the imprint of an altogether human or personal vibration it may elicit a response from others who are drawn by the strands of human sympathy.    -Leonora:  Pearl 13:34


Decrees are synthesized manifestations of the heartflame of each one who decrees.               -Saint Germain:  Prayer and Meditation, 1978, p. 143



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