Only that heart from which no cunning, no corruption can be concealed can judge where such freedom begins.

29.  How terrible is the consequence of fear or the seeking of profits!  Unclouded striving, freed from all burdens, manifests a true path.  Only that heart from which no cunning, no corruption can be concealed can judge where such freedom begins.  But subtle are the boundaries of the freedom of heart.  What do people not accumulate around this subtlest web!                                                                                                                                                        86.  Cooperative work is clear to those who have understood Hierarchy through the heart. A teacher of freedom is a manifestation of Hierarchy, for it is said–first of all walk the shortest path, gather your forces, affirm yourselves in the understanding of individualization because a rainbow is strengthened by all rays.      -Morya:  Heart 1932

288.  Only true discernment of the indestructibility of freedom permits adherence to collective labor.  Only through such true mutual respect can we attain the realization of harmonious labor–in other words, attain active good.  In this good is kindled the fire of the heart; hence each manifestation of harmonious labor is so joyous.  Such labor augments the psychic energy unusually.  Let the work be carried out at least in short united labor; even if for brief periods at first it must be in complete accord and intent upon success.  In the beginning fatigue because of disunity is unavoidable, but later the coordinated collective force will multiply the energy tenfold.  Thus even in small nuclei one can thrust forward the prototype of world progress.                                                                         592.  Good is the most active, vital, inexhaustible, invincible principle, but in its entire action it is devoid of cruelty.  Therein, and also in its freedom from egoism and conceit, lies one of its most significant distinctions from evil.  So if a religion and its emissaries display cruelty it cannot be a religion that is a link with the highest good!  How can one imagine a servant of religion as cruel?  By this cruelty he would become the enemy of Good.  Moreover he would be indicating his ignorance with regard to the very covenant of religion.  Good cannot sanction cruelty!         -Morya:  Fiery World 1933

IMG_8499  -Amitabha

IMG_9728-Confucius, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

The initiatic system affords mankind the opportunity of receiving the communications of his own Christed intelligence who will release to man in his finest moments the knowledge of the Law, enabling him to carry the banner of his own freedom.   -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:6    IMG_9715

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