the labors of love by all people become a part of a universal pool of generosity

117.  As a result of labor there will be steadfastness of consciousness.      -M:  Community 1926

52.   By distortion of thought a man wounds his brother; but no words or thoughts of repentance can heal the wound, whose torn tissues can be mended only by persistent effort.  For the restoration of goal-fitness it is necessary to demonstrate wise cooperation. The consequence of action can be cured only by action.      -M:  Agni Yoga 1929

99.  The chief error of men is that they consider themselves to be outside of all that exists. From this issues a lack of cooperation.      -Morya:  Hierarchy 1931

238.  in striving one has no time to look back at the animals.     -M:  Heart 1932

340.  Self-cure requires time because the torn tissue must be mended.  The best consonance of aum can contribute to the healing of the tissue.  But all the consonances of color and aroma can be of help only if soul-energy admits such cooperation.   -M:  Aum 1936


Why, your very physical forms, your minds and all of nature is patterned after geometric perfection.  And of course those of you who understand the Law and have had it explained to you many times will recognize that it is the energy of God that is manifesting.  It is the energy of the om–ge-om-etric–the energy of God that is metered out to individuals in order to show that perfection can be achieved by the individual.

Today throughout the world there are various ones who are seeking to be the gurus, the spiritual teachers of individuals, who are promising all sorts of things if they will only join with them and accept their brand of spiritual philosophy.  We want to point out to you in the name of holy freedom that under God each individual has a Mighty I AM Presence and a Holy Christ Self and is able under the direction of the ascended masters to find his freedom for all time….the labors of love by all people become a part of a universal pool of generosity whereby the intensification of the divine ideas flows out into the world and stimulates progress in the name of freedom….For Life is generous and gives to mankind tenfold for all that he gives out.          -Saint Germain:  7-20-1968 at San Francisco via Messenger Mark Prophet


Guru Ma

-Guru Ma, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978

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