in the sleep state one cannot be a conscious participator in this mighty interchange with Maitreya

I tell you now the mystery of Gethsemane….It is the moment when I as the eternal I AM enter the heart of the disciple…(and this) draws up the sleepfulness of the ages….Thus beloved ones, in the sleep state one cannot be a conscious participator in this mighty interchange with Maitreya.  The outer sleep is only symbol of the inner sleep of the soul beset with the densities of that configuration which has become its own solar system which you have called the electronic belt….

Thus in the Law of Oneness, centeredness in the great God Self, beloved, the meditation on the principle of the One is the point of Alpha in the center that makes victorious in the Omega of the periphery….Centered in the Law of the One in the etheric octave and in your own Christ Self you are sealed!–sealed from the strife of time and space….

I see the point of the One when by Omega’s assimilation of Alpha you are prepared with sword in hand and the Book of the Law and the protection of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, symboled by the Mighty Eagle….

Beloved, the Law of the One needs be developed in thee–the Law of the One of Maitreya….The soul is intended to be the Omega many times over on this circumference of the mighty circle of Life–the circle whereby thou dost go out from the center in a mighty clockwise spiral and thou dost return in the ending….Summon wakefulness, watchfulness.    -Jesus the Christ:  6-16-1985 at Summit University at Camelot, Los Angeles    IMG_0165



-Amitabha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978; flying eagle in Saint Germain on Alchemy


There are fundamental neutrons and protons in the nucleus of this nation that must be changed if the atom of self is to swing with the necessary electrons of the freewill sons and daughters of God–freewheeling in that their courses are apparently beyond the understanding of the observers.
Thus is the Holy Spirit.  Thus is every atomic particle–not fashioned after a preordained destiny but fashioned to include the element of freewill!  Thus let everyone who is of God receive the Holy Spirit of the seventh age and therefore move with that Spirit– unconfined by the mechanisms of worldly thought, its entrapments, its compartments.
Now if it were not so it would be impossible to do anything with the law of karma or the effects of causes set in motion.  It would be impossible to change history and therefore to change the present.  But as you have been told, if you discover the key of the cause the key and the nucleus of any happening or series of events of history, the undoing of this and its transmutation will collapse the entire spiral unto the present.    -Saint Germain:  12-2-1984 at Washington, DC via Messenger ECP
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