do not allow yourselves to be seized with the mass consciousness of self-deprecation and fear

Ours is no delusion of the  moment–and man cannot forever perpetuate delusion….Why hold to the concept simply because it is a karmic pattern, ancient or modern, that an individual should be trampled upon, that he should lose his soul or be a castaway–when at any given moment he may adorn himself with the Christ consciousness and dissolve all trace of the human in its effulgent light?…

Beloved ones, do not allow yourselves to be seized with the mass consciousness of self-deprecation and fear, for these energy patterns are the returning cycle of man’s inhumanity to man: they are the result of his failure to recognize the plan.  Over the centuries as we have gazed upon human beings, as we have mingled with the madding crowd we have often seen examples of how the human mind becomes desolate….as a smaller computer is able to exercise itself by being tied into a larger computer, so man takes on the skeins of destiny and finds that in time–by the exercise of God-ideas–he becomes a godly man.        -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:44


Unfortunately men have expounded upon the idea that we are not real–that the ascended masters do not exist.  Some who have failed to recognize that God is within them have launched attacks against the metaphysical movements.  These have not understood that aspect of the law which reveals that His kingdom, being within them, is also without and that as he lives in the microcosm so he lives also in the macrocosm. These do not understand how God has made possible the conveyance of hearts–communication between the octaves of heaven and earthy through the great macrocosmic network of light rays, harmoniously blending through the warp and woof of creation.  Neither do they understand the fact that when one part of the web of creation trembles, all other parts are affected….
At the present hour the mass media are controlled for the most part by the commercial interests of the world.  Among these are the merchants of Babylon as well as those who are in the fold of the light….Do you think the power of free speech, of free press and of free assembly is allowed in the Communist countries of the world?  I tell you, it is in name only….Do you realize that America through creeping forms of control is being headed in the direction of this same type of totalitarianism?…We expect that the truth of Christ-regeneration for every man will be expounded all over the world.      -Jesus the Christ:  Pearls of Wisdom 11:34

IMG_0940-Lake Siskiyou sundown

click on image to enlarge


-Upper Sacramento River at sunset from overhead, zoom lens (shot straight down cliff)


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