Nature must balance what mankind refuse to balance

Nature must balance what mankind refuse to balance.  The beings of the elements, the beings of nature and the Elohim take command in that hour of initiation and they must effect planetary transmutation through cataclysm if mankind fail to make the invocations, to make the concentrated action of light within themselves that is necessary to hold the balance….

This torch, this light is passed from the Great White Brotherhood, from the ascended hierarchy to those who will take it, to those who will seize it….In every age it is the few who hold the balance whereby transition can be made….(Yet) it is no longer possible for the few to hold the balance for the many; therefore at this moment Hierarchy is contacting their chelas to see if the many will respond to hold the balance so that Earth can pass into the new dispensation without a total disruption….

If the Earth is lost it creates an imbalance in the planets of the solar system.  If more and more planets go the way of the lefthanded path, soon the solar system is cast out of Hierarchy, and that affects this sector of the galaxy, and so on.

We find that the lightbearers in every age are like the little boy with the finger in the dike holding back the water until help comes.  This is the meaning of the path; it has been going on for a long time.  We have a sacred opportunity, we have a sacred commitment–let us consider then as we commune together as the days pass the meaning of hierarchy and our role in Hierarchy.      -Messenger E C Prophet:  7-3-1975 at Mt. Shasta

IMG_9723 IMG_5398 IMG_0164-Lanello; Last Days of Atlantis by N. T. Miller; the Messenger at Mt. Shasta 1975


So long as humanity will not accept the power of eternal life they will have the power of transgression active in their life in a physical way, destructively creating those conditions they are sending out to one another and creating a havoc as far as the divine plan is concerned upon Earth.       -Elohim Arcturus:  11-22-1970 via Messenger Mark Prophet

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