now in this century and in centuries to come to make good all that was begun and to fight the battles to the finish

Many sons have come from Venus through the ages, and daughters wise.  They have been leaders in the fields of religion and science, art, mathematics, industry, architecture and in laying the foundations of golden ages and civilizations.  Some have built the etheric cities of light that are a part of the Earth in the etheric octave and others have taken embodiment and have built [cities of light on Earth] in golden ages past….

Thus you see, beloved, those who love and those who are receptive and those who would receive these souls of light must take up spiritual arms again and in this very court, which as you know has the great cathedral [of illumination’s flame] superimposed upon it.  You must also make the calls that these individual lifestreams–now free, now released by Sanat Kumara to come here–may enter, may be loved, cherished, educated, supported and brought to the place of the divine mission.

Many, many souls are determined to see to it that the foundations of a golden age of Aquarius of Saint Germain and Portia are laid in the physical octave.  They have the vision and they hold it of the great beauty that has been in past ages and that may come again.  They are fully apprised and alert to all conditions of potential war and upheaval in the planet and yet they are unmoved.  They are unmoved, beloved, because they have the peace of which the Great Divine Director spoke:  the peace of inner wholeness.

See how necessary it is then by whatever means it takes for you to reach that point of equanimity so that you may receive into your life or family or community a soul who is whole.  [It requires] that you yourself or the collective community have a chalice of relative wholeness–of maximum wholeness–so that children might not be set back by those who have up to this hour ignored the admonishments to tackle the sublevels of being.  Precious ones, these souls can do much for this Community, for America and for every nation.  They can do much for education and for children.

Treasure then this opportunity and even call that you might all be and remain watchmen on the wall of he Lord….may you watch and be observant for the protection of life and the minds of all people.  May you gather in your separate committees and spheres of influence and areas of talent and tackle one by one the problems [arising from] the saturation of the minds of the youth with all manner of dark forms.

…the separation of those on Venus is not without pain.  These evolutions are high adepts, beings of great symmetry and light; they have demonstrated great talent in bringing forth the music of God.  They are highly evolved and yet they have their mandalas, they have their schools and families.  Some professors in the universities there will leave and others must rise to fill their places.  These professors have been loved for many centuries, as time goes.  And so you see, attachments do form [even in higher octaves].

But I can tell you one thing:  the greatest attachment of all of every son and daughter of light on Venus is to Sanat Kumara himself, to his great love and his great sacrifice.  And they see all that he has given to the evolutions of Earth and to all of the sons and daughters of Venus that have come [to Earth in past ages to sponsor the children of light here].  And they desire to see that this entire exercise that began so long ago for the restoration of the fire of the heart to the evolutions of Earth shall not be incomplete, shall not be left undone.

And they are absolutely determined, especially before your own determination, to see to it that Sanat Kumara’s great experiment in freedom shall not be lost, nor that of Gautama Buddha nor that of all who came in their lineage, including all the Bodhisattvas who have risen from Earth [who were originally of] the evolutions of Venus.  Yes they are absolutely determined that all that they have done and achieved and given to the world shall not be lost and that the children of the light shall not be lost and that souls on the astral plane who might be lost–as Mother Mary in her wisdom has warned–might be saved.

Thus beloved, see then how your courage begets courage and how that which you have become and sustained can draw to you greater and greater reinforcement, as brothers and sisters and friends of light from many planetary spheres are determined to be here on Earth now in this century and in centuries to come to make good all that was begun and to fight the battles to the finish against those who would take from Sanat Kumara his mighty due….

But I decree, in my office as Lady Venus, that the love of God and the creativity of God and the seraphim pure and the reinforcements who have come from cosmic heights to engage in this battle, who now have petitioned God to stay here, might surely right some wrongs. Yes I decree that all of these put together in the presence of my sponsorship and my office might surely right some wrongs and make the difference and purge the Earth of the deadly trafficking in drugs, [so burdening] the bodies of the youth.  Yes beloved, everywhere you turn on the twenty-four lines marking the divine plan on the Great Divine Director’s clock there is another problem, another challenge, another seemingly impossible situation….

Believe in the sacred fire and let it accrue to your chakras until you yourselves, in the pursuit of your dharma and your karma, also obtain adeptship and the siddhis.                          Lady Master Venus:  1-3-1993 at RTR, Montana  IMG_6261

-Kartikeya (a Sanskrit appelation for Sanat Kumara)


-Amitabha Buddha, in Prayer and Meditation, 1978




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