I raise up a fire unto God

For the whole meaning of Christ our Lord is that the crumbs of the Lord’s table may also be for those who are first servants in His household and are yet to become His children and joint-heirs.  The possibility of the inheritance of the Christic light of all evolutions is this mighty message whereby each one in whom there is the I AM Presence–by the very preaching of the Word–can convey the sparks that fly on a summer’s evening, sparks from a campfire here at our ranch, sparks that fly into the sky!….

You all remember the story of Pinocchio–a path of initiation of the winning of a heart.  Thus beloved ones, who can measure the heart of any soul or of a man?  For only God does know.     -Morya:  8-25-1982  (33 years ago the dedication of the Inner Retreat ran from 8-25 through 8-29 of 1982, ending with the Saint Germain and Hilarion dictations, some shown at the following link–)   https://books.google.com/books?id=rP9xljL5NrkC&pg=PA554&lpg=PA554&dq=clare+prophet+august+27&source=bl&ots=HOD1TaxiBJ&sig=fUIKXu84smfO7sSblsWUVNplOY0&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CDEQ6AEwA2oVChMItbmA0-vJxwIVkC2ICh1UdAnA#v=onepage&q=clare%20prophet%20august%2027&f=false


I raise up the Mother-light in your midst!  I raise up a fire unto God; I raise up in the wilderness that light that will draw you to the secret place of the Most High!  I, Saint Germain, dedicate in this hour the Heart of the Inner Retreat to the heart of every son of God on earth and all who will embody for the following of the path of the heart.  And I anoint our Messenger for the accelerated teaching of the path of the heart.       -Saint Germain:  8-29-1982 at RTR, Montana   IMG_0164

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