There is always the sifting of hearts as we move up the mountain.


My heart’s reaching forth to you is as a flower reaching to the Sun….in other temperate zones and climes and many distant civilization where the attempt to set forth a golden rule and a golden life was thwarted because of an age-old strife on this planet….And therefore we looked to these peculiar Messengers and to their endowment of the Holy Spirit to hold steady by a flame of love your very own hearts that there might be delivered to you that information so needed by you to complete the path of life and to espouse the true cause of Morya–God-government to this Earth….

There is always the sifting of hearts as we move up the mountain….The use of money itself is scarcely understood or precious metals or elements yet to be defined.  How can there be the sustainment of a golden-age culture unless problems as elemental as these are solved? And yet the very economy in which you live has all of you upon a treadmill to keep on and keep on for daily bread and a roof over your head….How long and arduous has been the path to the rediscovery of what was common knowledge by simple people of Lemuria….

These laws of flow and of the t’ai chi, the exercises of the chakras, the simple teachings you have been given–they are not so simple for they are the inner components for the sharpening of the chakras.      -Confucius:  8-26-1982 at RTR, Montana      

-Confucius, Overfelt Park in San Jose, CA, by Jack Fang, 1973

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