Those who are sensitive and can attune

We open this subject of possible decryptions with several statements from Messenger E C Prophet’s “Saint Germain:  Gifts of Prophecy and the Working of Miracles” which are at paragraphs 67, 70, 81:

“…as was discovered in the 1890s in two separate ciphers–a word-cipher (by Dr. Owen), and a bi-literal cipher embedded in the type of the original printings of the Shakespearean Folios (by Wells Gallup)–Francis Bacon was the author of the plays attributed to the actor from the squalid village of Stratford-on-Avon….

“The same ciphers which run through out the Shakespeare plays also run through Francis Bacon’s own works and those of many of his circle of friends….

“He wrote in cipher, ‘I trusteth all to the future and a land that is very far towards the sunset gate…..I keep the future ever in my plan, looking for my reward not to my times and countrymen but to a people very far off and an age not like our own, but a second golden age of learning.’  ”    -Messenger of the Brotherhood E C P, in Lords of the Seven Rays, 1, 1986


First of all, Dr. Owen’s word-cipher decoding around 1893-4 may well prove out largely true, but here I put that matter aside in favor of focusing on the claimed scientific/objective decoding by Mrs. Wells Gallup which followed after Dr. Owen’s efforts.  Bacon supposedly–according to Wells Gallup–placed a biliteral code in printings of literature from 1570s through 1621.  How many printers of that day then would have to discern the fantastically subtle typeset micro-differences that only ONE PERSON  has ever claimed to have decoded–Wells Gallup!  Think about it.

The Messenger ECP took her position on biliteral decoding via a Barsi-Greene book published in 1973 that followed Wells Gallup in the belief in a decode of a biliteral code inserted by Bacon centuries back in time.   Saint Germain’s Messenger had her little “in biliteral code/decode” romantic fling in the 1970s and did not correct herself in this matter (supposed to involve Francis Bacon) thereafter in print.

So the revelations of ascended master teachings via Guru Ma has a weak link–and a chain may well thereat break and a wedge of Darkness may well come in via that point; therefore make no wild claims!  Make no blind leaps, calling them acts of scientific ascertainability!  That is, there is NO evidence on the side of Wells Gallup’s claim after over 100 years!  But I have tested Wells Gallup’s very own given specific decode example–which is the Digges dedicatory poem heading the Shakespeare 1623 Plays folio.  Oh yes, many times (other posts offer specifics on that).  There is no way to get an encoding/decode out of that Digges poem; but please try to your heart’s content if you wish to try that.

What happened then to Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet is most probably this long chain of links:  knowing very very well that Bacon wrote the Shakespeare plays she did a jump in deductive logic:  Bacon perhaps wished some people to pierce this authorship question; Wells Gallup “looked” legitimate; Wells Gallup purported to read a hidden life/message hidden in Shakespearean plays (whether or not Dr. Owen did find that); Wells Gallup wished this “message” to be scientifically encoded/decryptable; Wells Gallup put on airs to smooth her romantic/ambitious jump in logic; ECP unfortunately did not check whether there was/is real inductive proof to the Wells Gallup claims put forth in a series of those books published 1899-1915; others have tried to scientifically verify/disprove the Wells Gallup claims of a biliteral code in Shakespeare; no one has been able to so verify it exists; therefore Wells Gallup was an impostor in the matter; ECP wished the golden victorious light to reveal the Bacon/Shakespeare question, however the success cult was/is an impostor to the reality here, and Mother bought it in her haste, whereas there are in existence real discoveries bearing very clearly on Bacon/Shakespeare, albeit Wells Gallup’s long concoctions are not amongst these.  It may take a long time for chelas to become aware of the truth in this matter; still, truth will out.      -R, Mt. Shasta, CA


Channeling is receiving messages from discarnate spirits who are not one with God, who have not become one with God in the ritual of the ascension.    -Messenger ECP:  Preparation for My Mission, 2009, p. 352

I was strong-willed….There was an arrogance and an impatience about my attitude                     -Messenger ECP:  Preparation for My Mission, 2009, p. 351


Those who are sensitive and can attune with these waves (from on High) may perceive their nature and their origin, while those who do not understand cosmic law may become beneficiaries of these wondrous energies without ever knowing their source.+                            -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 14:25            +See Romance of Two Worlds by Marie Corelli -M.Corelli

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