direct as the arrow of the dove of freedom

Now wouldn’t you like to know how to solve the problems of this hour without compromise?  Would not the leaders of every nation like to know how to go straight to the heart of freedom, direct as the arrow of the dove of freedom?  As the arrow soars, as the dove flies so let the homeward calling unto the souls be answered by the direct reaching out and plucking of mercy’s flower; and mercy’s flower within your heart must produce the miracle manifestations of freedom to all.

Well, I say, the trouble with the world is this–they look upon the conditions that defy solution and they forget the lost lesson, a lesson learned so long ago upon our mother’s knee–the lesson that in order to take dominion over the individual problem it is necessary first to accelerate a spiral of mercy’s flame, to rise a notch in that spiral higher, higher than the problem.  You do not look at a problem from beneath or eye to eye, but you must look down upon the problem as the birds that fly, as the Sun that smiles   -Kuan Yin:  6-30-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles, see


IMG_1208IMG_9720-from Prayer and Meditation, 1978


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