mount a spiral in the fiery coil of mercy’s flame

You see, if you are to be the revolutionaries of higher consciousness then the requirement is for you to mount a spiral in the fiery coil of mercy’s flame so that you may stand above all those who have revolutionary fervor upon the planetary body but whose fervor has been misdirected and misplaced by those fallen ones who have other goals in mind–why, the very enslavement of the youth whom they mislead!…

My beloved, there can be no success unless your auras are dripping with the violet flame so that wherever you go there is certainly and indeed the hurling of Saint Germain’s miracle pouch into the cause and core of conditions….I give to you the love of my heart and I present to you a dispensation of the Lords of Karma decreed by the Cosmic Council that your violet flame decrees shall descend upon the people of mainland China and the island of Taiwan and all those whose origin is from the land of Chin….The children of the light of Mother China, the mighty race who have been sponsored by Archangel Jophiel, Lord Lanto and Confucius, shall receive a double portion of your very own mantle of the violet flame.     -Kuan Yin:  6-30-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles       IMG_8499  image015  156eb-kuan2byin2bby2bruth2bhawkins  -Amitabha from Prayer and Meditation, 1978; ascension coil; Kuan Yin by Ruth Hawkins

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